Alan Powell – Biography

From my earliest memories I could see and hear things that other people did not. I saw visions; I saw my spirit guides, talked to them all the time and I frequently knew what was going to happen before it happened. My guides were my closest friends and my only real support system. They taught me how to use my energy in positive ways.

I was not really sure why I was different. My parents did the best they could, to give me answers when I would ask questions that did not make sense to them.

During my school days, because I felt different, I found myself separate from most of the other kids and from the usual school activities.

Using my gifts to help someone when they asked, they always said that they were truly grateful and then they disappeared from my life because I was different and that scared a lot of people.

My grandmother was spiritually a very powerful woman. She used crystals and did vision and healing work back in the 20s and 30s. She would take me on Sunday road trips by the ocean all around our area. As we drove she would tell me stories that on many levels seemed impossible. I had the thought more than once that she was crazy. She took me to my first Metaphysical Bookstore in Harvard Square when I was 12. Over the years on our drives she taught me many lessons about looking beyond our three dimensional vision, to really have a different perspective of the nature of our true reality. I never knew that during these road trips she was training me for what was to come.

At 25 my world was shaken when suddenly my father died at 52. He was my role model and my biggest fan. He was always the one I could go to if I did not understand something that was happening. It had always been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to work with him in some father and son business. But now he was gone.

The saddest day of my life, was having to tell my grandmother that her only son, my father, was gone.

Without a support system I was forced to immediately drop out of college. I was not really sure of my next step. I did not want people to know how different I was. I really wanted to fit in and be “normal” for once.

I had no support system, no money, no college degree and no place to live.

I dug in my heels and got a job, then a second job, then an apartment to get off my friends living room couch. I worked two or three jobs until I could get financially stabilized.

My entrepreneur spirit kicked in and I decided to go into business for myself. I created an idea to open a retail camera store. I saw an advertisement for an opportunity to build on city owned property and I was off and running. I got approval from the city and signed a lease for the land. I hired a contractor, had the building finished before I even had the loan fully approved at the bank. I had a vision and I was moving forward.

I enjoyed working for myself and I loved my connection to the community.

I was happy that my grandmother saw my success before she moved onto her next experience. Without my father I knew that she no longer wanted to be here in this life. Now she was at peace.

Six years later I knew another change was coming. I was so ready to let go of my little camera shop and move to my next experience. I was ready for a new challenge.

I started to experience a shift in my reality. It was very subtle at first. I was guided back to expand the depth of my reading to a wider variety of books about metaphysics.

I knew that I had been experiencing gifts that I could utilize to help others. That my abilities were way beyond our three dimensional world and that I could use my energy to help people transform their lives. I could see energy and direct it at will to help people. But I kept having visions that continually showed me that if I chose that path it would not end well for me.

I knew that a major change was coming in my life. I could feel that something was going to shift in a big way, yet for once I could not really see it.

I was attracting some very interesting teachers. Some were guided to meet me from friends. Others came into my shop and recognized my abilities because they too were very aware. I was learning a lot about myself and about my reality. I knew something was about to shift.

A few days later I had a near death experience. It took me a month to get back on my feet and back to what people call their normal routine.

Within the next month, events in my life shifted once again and for the first time in my life I was thrust into the spotlight. I was asked to be a speaker at the first Whole Life Expo in Boston, a gathering of spiritual people from all over the United States. I spoke to an audience of over 100 people giving a workshop for an hour. I had never spoken to more than a few people at one time. I was on live television to promote the Expo and doing a twenty minute segment on my energetic abilities. The next week I was on the Larry Glick Radio Talk Show in Boston, offering readings to people calling in as it was broadcast live in 38 states.

I was truly not prepared for the visibility that I was getting. It was, on so many levels terrifying.

It was time for a change, so I closed up my camera shop and headed for the corporate world. I could bury myself in work, as due to the long hours there I easily found work, as I matched their expectation of employees not having a life. At the end of each day I was too tired to even think about my gifts. Year after year I continued to support the corporate structure of too many hours, meeting deadlines and quotas, fueling the expansion of the company’s bottom line. Yet I was always expendable in that world. Someone else was always in charge of the decision if I would stay or go. My reality was not in my hands. I was with companies that rewarded me for a good job and then in the next moment, let me go, because they supposedly weren’t making enough money.

Yet something was truly missing in my life. The truth was, I did not really understand at that time that I was hiding out. I was a number, I was invisible and I did not even see it. I was like the hamster on the wheel running as fast as possible, thinking I was getting somewhere and yet really I was going nowhere.

I was not supposed to be in the corporate world. Yet I felt stuck, as I was afraid to really use my gifts and to be so different from everybody else.

I decided to go to Massage School. My thought was that I could be a Massage Therapist, use my gifts, help people feel better and have a life. So I dropped out of the corporate world.

I finished Massage School and opened my own massage business out of my house. I was attracting clients from all over the world. I could not figure out how people from Europe, Africa and South America were finding me here in Massachusetts. They said strange things like, “I’m here on business and I was told about you.” Or, “I met someone who says your amazing so here I am.” I did not know at that time that my energy was calling them to me.

During my massage work I found that clients had patterns that were keeping them from healing and making changes in their life. I began to introduce my energy work along with my massage sessions to my regular clients. Clients that had the energy work were having major life changes. Over the next few years, working with hundreds of clients, I developed a process called Accelerated Awareness Training. Using my energy I could help my clients immediately release the energetic blocks, which gave them dramatic shifts in their own self-worth, self-confidence, relationships, health, finances, their chosen work and for some, to finally find the divine path that they had always been searching for without success.

A friend that was running a yoga studio asked me to do a workshop. I did not want to “go there” again. I refused her time after time. She kept asking me over and over for years until I finally decided, if I did a workshop for her, she would stop asking me. We scheduled a workshop and fifty people showed up. Then I was doing one a month, then two a month and then one a week.

I started going to California thinking that I might want to be bi-coastal. Here in the nice weather and there when it’s snowy and cold here. For a few years I went back and forth as often as possible. My last year of traveling back and forth I was in California for 16 weeks, two weeks at a time. Then the state of California went bankrupt. So I decided it was time to stay and work here in Massachusetts.

It was time for me to expand. I could feel the changes coming. I found a commercial office space and created the beginnings of my business, the Ancient Wisdom Wellness Center. What was interesting in this shift was that I was no longer offering bodywork.

I attracted clients to my practice, using my vision and energy, I helped them to energetically release their patterns and watched as they transformed before my eyes. I have been given such a gift, to have the opportunity to watch as clients shed their old patterns and beliefs.

Clients were finding that to live in your expanded awareness, the expanded consciousness of your own power, is the greatest gift that a person can experience while in the physical body.

Over many years, working with people from all walks of life, I am filled with gratitude that I have the opportunity to assist clients to live the life that they have always dreamed of.

I now work with a partner, Kim DaSilva, who is the greatest bodyworker I have ever worked with. In the last ten years we have worked together with our clients. She has the ability to see inside the body and using Energetic Bodywork, she can facilitate immediate changes and accelerate the healing process within the physical body. I use Accelerated Awareness Training to release all the old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve the individual within the mental body, the emotional body and the energetic body.

Together using our individual abilities we have created a system, which offers the opportunity for an individual, to experience a dramatic and permanent transformation.

To live the life that was an elusive dream, now shifts and becomes the present reality.