Alan’s Long Distance Support Telephone Package

After you have completed Accelerated Awareness Training you can continue you’re conscious expansion with private individual monthly telephone sessions, designed to support those people outside the New England area, with Alan’s Long Distance Support Telephone Package.* These telephone sessions will continue your energetic expansion giving you conscious control of your creations.

Now that the old patterns are gone, each monthly session allows you to move energetically forward very easily. During these sessions new patterns are created that assist in the physical demonstrations that expand your day to day reality.

New patterns of confidence and control, offer you an amazing feeling of calm and peace. From this new level it is simple to create ideas of how you want to express yourself.

Clients have life changing experiences daily. New physical demonstrations of improved prosperity consciousness with increased cash flow and supportive relationships that now are created from love and respect. A new found expanded self-confidence and self-esteem gives you the power and the peace of mind to really enjoy your life. Every aspect of your life is positively affected as you easily take great steps forward along your own evolutionary path.

Alan’s Long Distance Support Telephone Package includes:

  • 12 Private Telephone Sessions – one each month for 12 months.

The key to the success of this process is the consistent monthly private telephone sessions, which provide the necessary support that easily allows you to stay on track.
Alan’s Long Distance Support Telephone Package offers you the opportunity to make a commitment to yourself which will expand your conscious awareness as you accelerate your own evolution.

Total Cost: $1799.95 per year

*Alan’s Long Distance Support Telephone Package is available to individuals who have completed the prerequisite of Accelerated Awareness Training and live outside the New England area.

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