Cellular Memory Recall

In our present experience we create a reality based on our beliefs, habitual patterns, generational patterns, emotions, our acquired knowledge base and subconscious levels that we are unaware of.

Many individuals after finding their spiritual path decide to improve their reality from every level with a variety of methods.

The beliefs, patterns and emotions that people hold can be shifted energetically. The physical body or cellular level can be shifted with sessions of
Energetic Bodywork.

We offer a process called Basic Accelerated Awareness Training to clear away all the old baggage which is made up of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Once the old baggage has been peeled away and cleared, why do some people still create negative experiences? The answer is that the negative experiences may be directly connected to cellular memories that we are not aware of.

How can you control something that you really have no conscious awareness of?

The easiest way to uncover and change any subconscious patterns that you are unaware of is with sessions of Cellular Memory Recall.

A Cellular Memory Recall session is actually a guided meditation in which you have the opportunity to connect with any experiences and issues that you are holding in the subconscious at the cellular level. By seeing the vision of these experiences and feeling the energy and emotions connected to each, in this process, you instantly release any need to recreate or repeat any of those previous issues.

Individuals that have gone through this simple process find dramatic shifts and changes.

Some examples are:

  • Self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth expand exponentially.
  • Empowerment becomes an actuality rather than just a thought or dream.
  • Fears and phobias are eradicated.
  • Emotional issues dissolve.
  • Financial prosperity dynamically expands.
  • Addictions are released.
  • Health issues are eradicated.
  • Relationships become simple and easy.
  • Family issues become easily manageable.
  • Recognition of new employment in alignment with your needs, wants and desires happens easily.

These private sessions are available within a package and are not available separately. Please see the packages page for further information.