Empowered Weight Loss

In this process you will uncover the core beliefs which are producing your physical body image. Once you have discovered the key, at the conscious level, you can easily release the excess body weight and create the body style that you desire.

Poor nutrition and lack of exercise are only part of the picture as to why the physical body holds excess weight.

These energetically tailored, personalized sessions, utilize a variety of tools such as Hot Stone Massage, nutrition, supplementation, personalized exercises and Goddess channelings. These tools will get to the core of the unconscious beliefs that are creating a holding pattern with your excess weight.

If you think you are eating right, exercising, getting enough rest and the weight still isn’t moving then this program is for you!

The Empowered Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • 8 – one hour private sessions – over 4 months

Full support to help you achieve success!

The Empowered Weight Loss Program are specialty sessions, for existing clients, which can be purchased at our center.