Energetic House Clearing

An Energetic House Clearing is needed when you are ready for a dramatic change in your life. It is especially important if there has been anyone living in the household with an extended illness, if there has been an upset in the household resulting in a separation or divorce and especially if there has been a death in the immediate family, even if the person who has passed on did not live directly in the household.

When you clean and clear the energy within your home you are also clearing the attachments to the old energy that affect everyone who in residence. It is important that all members of the household are aware and agree to this house clearing process. This wonderful simple process will help everyone living in the home to ease into a new sense of wellbeing.

The tools used include a Sage Wand and other herbs, a large Ancient Wisdom Clearing Spray, Quartz Crystals and other gemstones as necessary for the particular situation and a variety of other personal highly effective energetic tools.

I will come to your home and using my tools, I will clear the old negative, stuck energy and patterns of dysfunction out of your living space. You will immediately recognize and feel like your living in a new home. A new peace, calmness, a heightened sense of clarity and the flow of positive energy will be everywhere within your home.

Depending on the size of your home and yard, this clearing process will take two or more hours.

In the planning and scheduling a house clearing, the home owner will be directly involved in the process. Together we will go from room to room, clearing and setting up a new intention for each individual space.

After the inside of the home is cleared, we will continue to out outside of the home, to open up a greater flow of energy for the outside space.
During the clearing process if any object is found that is creating an issue with the flow of energy and it is determined that it needs to be removed, it will be up to the homeowner to dispose of it.

Once the house is cleared inside and outside it is recommended that the process be repeated on a yearly basis or at any time the homeowner feels the energy becoming stagnant once again.

Energetic House Clearings are specialty sessions, for existing clients, which can be purchased at our center.