Kim DaSilva – Biography

As a young girl growing up as the oldest with three younger sisters I knew I was different. I had a strong desire to search for something, but I just did not know what it was that I was searching for. I knew it was connected to a “better way to live” but I was not sure how to find it.

I went from experience to experience, trying everything, thinking I would find the answer.

One of the many things that I could do, was to move energy, by changing things around. It drove my mother crazy because I was always rearranging my room. Each time I moved everything around the energy was completely different and I was more comfortable.

My life has been a very unique experience that has been unfolding to reveal who I am.

As part of my journey I attended The Muscular Therapy Institute in 1997. I loved school as it really taught me about how intricate the anatomy and physiology of our physical body really is.

I was also training as a Bodybuilder and attending regular bodybuilding competitions. This gave me an even greater first-hand experience of how amazing the human body really is.

To support myself while attending school I worked at a local grocery store Bread & Circus. While working I began to study nutrition and learn more about the power of supplements and herbs.

My next position was at Wild Oats as a manager in the Natural Living Department. Over the next ten years I was able to incorporate what I had learned in school and in my other jobs, to really begin to understand health and wellness.

I knew there was another change coming my way. I could feel the old thoughts returning to remind me that I still had not found that “better way to live” that I had been searching for so many years ago.

I then met Alan Powell from Ancient Wisdom. He told me that the simplest way to find what I was looking for, was to release all the old mental, emotional and energetic patterns. Then with my new clarity, I could connect with myself on a deeper level and find all the answers that I had been looking for. He told me the mistake that most people make, is that they are looking outside themselves for the answer, rather than looking inside themselves to find their own truth.

I worked with him and released all the old beliefs, patterns and thoughts that were no longer serving me. My entire life immediately changed! I became very clear about who I was, I became very confident and for the first time in my life, I was connected to myself, in a very new and different way. I was truly empowered from every level.

I began using all the tools that I had been learning for many years. I began a Massage practice, using my knowledge of the physical body, the emotional body and the energetic body, to truly help people who were in need.

After working in my own Massage practice for a few years Alan asked me to join him at Ancient Wisdom.

Once I began my practice at Ancient Wisdom it did not take very long before I realized that I had finally found that “better way to live” that I had always been searching for.

Today I offer sessions that I call Energetic Bodywork. A session includes a variety of tools and modalities that I have learned from many wonderful teachers. I utilize Hot Stone Therapy to assist the person in having a warm and soothing healing experience and to feel more grounded in their physical body than ever before. I move energy through the cells of the physical body so the person can become perfectly balanced and feel their own power. Some sessions may also include flower essences, sound healing or other modalities.

The benefits of Energetic Bodywork are true feelings of well-being and physical rejuvenation. A deeper level of peace of mind and a new found clarity that becomes more developed and permanent with repeated sessions.

It is my pleasure to offer this work to help people, who have not had the experience in their life, of finding their own unique version of a “better way to live” like I have.