Power Boost

As the energy at Ancient Wisdom continues to upgrade to a higher and higher frequency, our clients are having some interesting experiences.

Clients are reporting feelings of amazement and empowerment, mentally, emotionally and physically. They tell us of experiences in which they have many instantaneous manifestations and they are seeing their visions and expectations demonstrate as physical experiences.

Yet due to the raised frequency, they are also feeling that some their old issues have returned (which can never happen as they no longer exist) or that they have been experiencing a plateau.

Both “feelings” are probably true as “feelings,” because as the Ancient Wisdom energy upgrades, each client also needs to upgrade their personal energy to match the Ancient Wisdom upgrade in frequency.

To move yourself forward to a new level, to get past the feelings of your energy being in a plateau or of feeling that old patterns are returning, additional energetic work is required to keep up with the newly raised frequency.

Energetic Bodywork will help shift the physical body at the cellular level. Cellular Memory Recall will disconnect the subconscious ties to other previous experiences that may be affecting you in this present experience.

Another method would be to do a Power Boost.

The Power Boost is a two hour intensive, high energy session, designed to move you past the plateau energy to a new level of frequency to move you forward. As a metaphor think of using jumper cables to restart a car with low energy in the battery. It the exact same principle to move YOU forward.

To upgrade your personal energy to keep up with the new Ancient Wisdom frequency, consider a Power Boost to raise your frequency to the next level.

Power Boost Session – 2 hours

These private sessions are available within a package and are not available separately. Please see the packages page for further information.