Energetic Bodywork with Kim DaSilva, LMT

Originally trained in massage therapy, but immediately realizing its limitations, Kim began to sense from clients on her table that other types of healing were needed in order for them to achieve the balance and harmony they sought.

As an energetic healer, Kim sees and feels energy blockages located at various points in the physical body and intuitively knows what methods she can utilize to simply and easily release this stuck energy.

Using her own methods, she is able to gain insight into the body tissue without the familiar pressure and force usually found in the standard deep tissue body massage therapies. The additional use of heated stones, sound vibrational healing techniques and energy from the plant and mineral kingdom brings a strong grounding Earth element to her healing sessions, as well as other elements that are used to create complete harmony and balance.

The benefits of Energetic Bodywork are experienced not only the physical level, but on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. Her clients report feelings of the releasement of old patterns of dysfunction, feelings of well-being and physical rejuvenation, peace of mind, and clarity that routinely becomes elevated and permanent with repeated sessions.

Multiple 90 minute session Energetic Bodywork Packages:

  • 3 – Energetic Bodywork sessions – $629.95
  • 6 – Energetic Bodywork sessions – $1199.95
  • 9 – Energetic Bodywork sessions – $1759.95
  • 12 – Energetic Bodywork sessions – $ 2249.95 (Save $ 178.56)